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28 Aug 2018

July Company Outing

The end of July is upon us, and the Crisp Team enjoyed another fantastic company outing! This time we all met up at the Rec Room here in Memphis where we played some arcade games, challenged each other in some video games, and enjoyed some pepperoni pizza and drinks! The summer days are still hot in Memphis, but this was one cool night out with Crisp Marketing!

14 Aug 2018

Friday Afternoon Saturday Night Fever

Another Birthday/Happy Hour combo? Heck yeah! This past week we celebrated another year of being awesome for one of our newest team members – Billy! We figured we’ve had more than enough cake lately, so why not shake things up and do a Birthday pie instead? Salted caramel chocolate pecan – pass me a piece please!

For our Happy Hour, we danced our way back to the 1970’s with a Seven & Seven – the same drink that John Travolta’s character ‘Tony’ drinks at the disco! Now, everybody do the hustle and join us in wishing Billy a Happy Birthday!

17 Jul 2018

4th Of July Office Party

Another incredible 4th of July has come and gone, and Crisp Marketing celebrated in style (as usual)! We kicked off our office party with a catered Burger Bar from Red Robin. Then we played Pin The Star On The Flag, did a tie dye craft, and ended the celebration with some sparklers and fireworks! That’s one more awesome celebration for the books. We hope everyone had a fantastic 4th of July!


02 Jul 2018

June Outing

Last week the Crisp Crew took our June Outing at The Liquor Store here in Memphis! This quirky and charming little restaurant is nestled in with small art galleries and shops in the creative area of Memphis known as Broad Ave. We wined and dined the night away, and then a few of us took a walk down Broad to snap some photos and enjoy the sunset! We’re already looking forward to the next outing!

25 Jan 2018

The Blue Room – Meet Joan

A new year, a new Blue Room! Let’s kick off our first employee spotlight with Crisp Marketing’s biggest sweetheart – Joan!


What is your title at Crisp Marketing?
Content Developer

How long have you worked for Crisp?
Nine months.

Give us an idea of what you do regularly in your role.
Write articles for our websites.

 What are 3 words you would use to describe Crisp Marketing?
Fun, creative, hardworking, a little silly.

What do you like most about working for Crisp Marketing?
The relaxed atmosphere.

Do you have an office nickname?

What is your favorite thing about living in Memphis?
The friendliness of the people and people’s smiles.

 Before working at Crisp, what is the most unusual or most interesting job you ever had?
I was an intern for a website being produced at the Cannes Film Festival in 2000.

What month and day is your birthday?
May 3

Where did you go to school?
The University of Texas at Austin

What is your favorite movie and book?
I love all of Jojo Moyes’ books. She has a new one coming out January 30!

Tell us a little bit about your life outside of work. (hobbies, family life, side jobs, etc)
I have three young kids, and I write poetry.

What’s your favorite travel spot?
Nantucket, Mass.

If you could spend a day hanging out with anyone from any time period, who would it be and why?
J.D. Salinger

What did you want to be growing up?
An actress and an author.

What is your life philosophy, motto or favorite quote?
“The difficult is done at once; the impossible takes a little longer.”



28 Jul 2017

The Blue Room – Meet Kirk

Welcome back to The Blue Room! This month addition spotlights one of our team members so that you can get to know them better. This month we have the pleasure of getting to know our Content Director, Kirk Cassels!


What is your title at Crisp Marketing?
Content Director

How long have you worked for Crisp?
3 months come July 27

Give us an idea of what you do regularly in your role.
I manage the content team and work with the design team to produce engaging editorial, advertorial and informational material for our audiences across our social media, web, and newsletter channels.

What are 3 words you would use to describe Crisp Marketing?
Innovative. Creative. Fun.

What do you like most about working for Crisp Marketing?
I enjoy the experience of collaborating with everyone as we test new methods of content delivery and revamp common ones as a means of figuring out where, when and how we best engage our audience.

Do you have an office nickname?
It’s very easy to call me Captain Kirk, despite my lack of knowledge of “Star Trek.”

What is your favorite thing about living in Memphis?
The food has been my favorite thing about Memphis. It may be too much of my favorite thing as it’s been a blessing for my palate but a curse for my love handles.

What month and day is your birthday?
August 14

Where did you go to school?
Undergrad at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY
Grad school at Temple University in Philadelphia (a city reminds me a lot of Memphis)

What is your favorite movie and book?
“Aliens” or “Django Unchained” for movie.
“The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay” or “Invisible Monsters” for book.

What are your three most overused words/phrases?
“Here’s the thing…”
“Someone called me jeopardy to society, so I called him a price is right to society”
“If you can’t write the truth interestingly enough, then don’t bother with writing fiction just yet.”

Tell us a little bit about your life outside of work. (hobbies, family life, side jobs, etc)
I love to ski, which has been a difficult-to-appease urge since moving to a place that’s 7 hours from the closest mountain. But it’s been worth it because I came to Memphis to be with the person who just became my fiancée and she’s worth all the skiing vacations combined. I tend to be a bit shy at starting the conversation but then end up being the one who won’t stop it. I grew up with dogs and love dogs, but became a cat owner during the last 20 months and have grown fond of them as well. We have fish, too, but frankly I find them boring. I may be the only person I know who owns a croquet set.

What is the one thing you cannot resist?
Pretzel M&Ms

What’s your favorite travel spot?
Eastern Long Island after Labor Day, but before September ends.

What would your friends/family say about you if I asked them to tell me about you? How are you known outside of work?
Work hard, play hard. I try to keep life outside of work as leisurely as possible, and have been referred to as a goofball often. Growing up watching a lot of movies and television has given me a database of useless information unless it’s at pub trivia or making asinine allusions by comparing current events to some fictional material.

If you could spend a day hanging out with anyone from any time period, who would it be and why?
Although he wasn’t a personal inspiration to me, I think hanging out with Muhammed Ali at the peak of his boxing career would be as exciting a day as it could get. His personality, talent, and presence was a force of nature unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

Did anyone influence your decision when building your career? If so, who?
My high school English teacher taught me a lot about how the skills involved in journalism and analytical writing can be applied to about any industry, and that a night home with a movie or two is better for you and less expensive than a night out partying hardily.

What did you want to be growing up?
I wanted to be a professional athlete who, after a bad injury, switched careers to be a sports doctor to help take care of his teammates.

What is your life philosophy, motto or favorite quote?
Don’t count how many heartbeats you’ve used up or have left, just make each one count.

28 Mar 2017

Meet our newest team member!

Crisp Marketing would like to welcome our newest team member: Sarah Miller – Graphic Designer

Originally from Madison, Mississippi but now coming to you straight from Memphis Tennessee… our newest addition to the Crisp Marketing team… Graphic Designer, Sarah Miller!

Sarah moved to the Memphis area in 2012, where she now lives with her husband and two sons.  To avoid hurting any feelings, she also felt the need to call out her other family members… her two dogs, Kaelee and Lexi.  With an impressive eye for design, Sarah graduated from Mississippi State University with a BA (emphasis) in Graphic Design.  In her years as a student at Mississippi State, she won several design awards; including a Platinum Marcom Award.  After putting together a successful year of freelance designing, Sarah stood out among all of our submitted Graphic Design resumes and quickly became the 4th designer of our strong marketing team.

When asked what she thought about being the “chosen one” to join our Crisp family, she could only manage to mutter one thing…

“I’m very excited to join such a talented team here at Crisp Marketing”.

Well said Sarah.  Well said.

Thank you for your interest Sarah, and welcome aboard!  Crisp Marketing is lucky to have you.

21 Mar 2017

St. Paddy’s Office Party

This past Monday (March 20th) was our St. Paddy’s Day Office Party!


We had a small scavenger hunt, played a few games, and had a light lunch. For dessert, we had some whiskey cakes that were hand made by the Overstuffed Deli down on the first floor of our building. They were amazing!


Our Graphic Designer, Andrew Gray, was the winner of our Scavenger Hunt and he won a mug full of goodies!



And our newest team member Sarah Miller was the winner of our hidden clover game, and she won a bottle of Irish whiskey!


And no office party is complete without party favors, cocktails, and goodies!





Happy St. Patrick’s Day from all of us here at Crisp Marketing!

08 Feb 2017

January Company Outing

Every month we have a company outing, which usually consists of all the team members getting together after work and doing something fun and new as a group. Company outings not only give us a chance to see what great things Memphis has to offer, but it also brings us closer as a team and reinforces our cohesive work environment.

For January, we decided to try out Five In One Social Club in Memphis, which has been described as “Kindergarten for Grown Folks.” Since Broadway Pizza is just down the block, we grabbed a few pizzas from there, and headed down to Five in One.


Broad Ave is a very cool up-and-coming street that hosts a small number of small galleries, gift shops, and food/drink places. The owner of Five in One told us that the neighboring shop owners are warm and friendly, and welcomed her when she first moved her shop in.


One little helper even came out of her shop to greet us as we strolled by.


We grabbed a few pizzas from Broadway Pizza, and stopped in The Cove to google at the terrific eye candy decor.

20170131_171440E 20170131_171537EDSC_0313E 20170131_172404E 20170131_172612E

If you haven’t been to The Cove yet – do yourself a favor and drop in. They have live music, karaoke, and the nautical-themed decor is pretty impressive.

20170131_172421E 20170131_172429E 20170131_172513E


Finally, we made it to our main destination for the night – Five in One Social Club.


In the front of the shop are hand-made gifts and goodies from local artists, all available for purchase.

DSC_0251E DSC_0258E

The shop itself boasts hand-painted murals, quirky signs and shirts, and enough arts-and-craft supplies to start your own glitter army.


For our craft – we were going to make leather i.d. bracelets. The owner of the shop was our instructor, and she patiently took us through the steps and helped us along the way.

DSC_0277E DSC_0282E DSC_0283E DSC_0286E DSC_0287EDSC_0304EDSC_0278E
Everyone’s bracelt came out great, and everyone had an absolute blast!
DSC_0294E DSC_0301E DSC_0296E20170131_203541E
HUGE thank you to Alice at Five in One Social Club for getting us all set up, and for leading our craft party. That outing was a complete success, and we had a total blast!

DSC_0308E DSC_0309E

For more information about Five in One Social Club, visit their website at FiveInOne.org where you can view their workshop calendar, find out more info about punch cards, and learn more about what makes them such a special place to visit.