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11 Feb 2019

2019 Workplace Trends to Watch

Company culture is a crucial aspect to running a successful business. What goes on in the workplace will eventually show in the work that comes out of the office. You also want potential employees to feel welcome and excited when coming to work for you.

Improved Work and Life Blend

The progressive companies of today have been allowing their employees additional felxibility when it comes to their work schedules. Companies that get it understand that productivity and creativity cannot be tied to a clock. For those who do task-based work, the clock is relatively irrelevant.

The shift toward remote work will continue to increase because there is less and less need for employees to congregate in one communal space. With technology connecting coworkers with the press of a button, workers can increase productivity by eliminating time spent behind their windshields driving to and from work every day.

What this means is that with more workers having the ability to make their own hours, the “work” and the “life” begin to take on more of a blend. This employee engagement strategy is working and companies that are tuned into this important trend will continue to attract and retain the best talent.

Micromanaging to decrease

While no one ever would willingly preferred to be micromanaged, it was more accepted in before. People today refuse to be put in situations where someone is constantly checking up on them and looking over their shoulder. Employees need to have the flexibility to take chances. The more a person is micromanaged, the less thinking they’ll be required to do, resulting in a robotic, less engaged employee.

Micromanaging leads to low morale, lower productivity, and actively disengaged workers. It also leads to workers looking for new opportunities where they are free to think for themselves without someone always lurking nearby.

Prioritize employee happiness

Employee engagement is essential in today’s workplace. Workers have choices and they want to work where they are happy. Companies need to keep their employees happy and engaged if they stand any chance of retaining them. A happy employee is a productive employee/. For every happy employee a company retains, that’s another employee an organization doesn’t have to spend time and money trying to replace.

If your company isn’t already doing these things, it’s time to start thinking about it. The workplace mood can mean everything when someone is considering working for a company.

25 Oct 2018
Company Culture

Company Culture: Does it Matter?

What is company culture and how does it impact a workplace? Company culture is the personality of a company. It defines the environment that the employees work in. Company culture can include a variety of elements such as environment, mission, values, ethics, and goals.

What is Company Culture?

Company culture is an integral part of any business. It affects every aspect of a company. From hiring the best to improving and maintaining employee satisfaction, it is the backbone of a happy, stable workplace.

According to research done by Deloitte, 94% of executives and 88% of employees believe a distinct corporate culture is important to a business’ success.

Deloitte’s survey also found that there is a strong correlation between employees who claim to feel happy and valued at work and those who say their company has a strong culture.

Why Company Culture Matters

There’s a reason why companies who are awarded as a best place to work always see success. They tend to have strong, positive cultures that help employees feel and perform their best at work.

Here are some of the benefits of a healthy company culture:

  • Recruitment – A strong culture is one of the best ways to attract potential employees. A positive culture gives an organization a competitive advantage. People want to work for companies with a good reputation from previous and current employees. A company with a positive culture will attract the type of talent that is willing to make their next workplace a home.
  • Employee loyalty – A positive culture fosters an employee loyalty. Employees are more likely to stay with their current employer when they feel they are treated right and enjoy going to work every day.
  • Job satisfaction – Job satisfaction is higher at companies with a positive corporate culture. Employers who invest in the well-being of their employees will be rewarded with happy, dedicated employees
  • Employee morale – Maintaining a positive company culture is a great way to boost employee morale. Employees will naturally enjoy their work more when they work in a positive workplace.
28 Aug 2018

July Company Outing

The end of July is upon us, and the Crisp Team enjoyed another fantastic company outing! This time we all met up at the Rec Room here in Memphis where we played some arcade games, challenged each other in some video games, and enjoyed some pepperoni pizza and drinks! The summer days are still hot in Memphis, but this was one cool night out with Crisp Marketing!

14 Aug 2018

Friday Afternoon Saturday Night Fever

Another Birthday/Happy Hour combo? Heck yeah! This past week we celebrated another year of being awesome for one of our newest team members – Billy! We figured we’ve had more than enough cake lately, so why not shake things up and do a Birthday pie instead? Salted caramel chocolate pecan – pass me a piece please!

For our Happy Hour, we danced our way back to the 1970’s with a Seven & Seven – the same drink that John Travolta’s character ‘Tony’ drinks at the disco! Now, everybody do the hustle and join us in wishing Billy a Happy Birthday!

09 Aug 2018

Happy Hour & Happy Birthday!

Last Friday was our weekly Happy Hour, and we also had the pleasure of celebrating TWO employee birthdays as well! Our in-house Graphic Designer Hayley and our Email Marketing Manager David – Happy Birthday from Crisp Marketing!

Friday was also International Beer Day (such a busy day!), so we themed our Happy Hour accordingly and had homemade beergaritas! Birthday cake and beergaritas – the perfect end to a fantastic work week!


07 Aug 2018

Announcing: The Weight Loss Challenge Winner!

Hello everyone!

Recently, we held a 4 week weight-loss challenge with our Memphis and Ft. Lauderdale office. Participants contributed $5 a week and worked as hard as they could to reach their personal fitness goals. At the end of the 4 weeks, the person who lost the most weight/got closest to their goal would take home the jackpot. Crisp Marketing was kind enough to match dollar-for-dollar what was contributed! Now that the 4 weeks have passed, it’s time to announce our Weight Loss Challenge Winner…


Ryan Labott from our Ft. Lauderdale, FL office! From all of us at Crisp Marketing: Congratulations and job well done!

17 Jul 2018

4th Of July Office Party

Another incredible 4th of July has come and gone, and Crisp Marketing celebrated in style (as usual)! We kicked off our office party with a catered Burger Bar from Red Robin. Then we played Pin The Star On The Flag, did a tie dye craft, and ended the celebration with some sparklers and fireworks! That’s one more awesome celebration for the books. We hope everyone had a fantastic 4th of July!


02 Jul 2018

June Outing

Last week the Crisp Crew took our June Outing at The Liquor Store here in Memphis! This quirky and charming little restaurant is nestled in with small art galleries and shops in the creative area of Memphis known as Broad Ave. We wined and dined the night away, and then a few of us took a walk down Broad to snap some photos and enjoy the sunset! We’re already looking forward to the next outing!

22 Mar 2018

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Crisp Marketing! We had a complete blast at the office party with a full burger bar from Red Robin, a few lucky hits on the scratch ticket party favors, and a total show down with the Potato Toss! We hope everyone had a terrific St. Patty’s Day!

Congrats to Jake for taking home the gold in the Potato Toss!


26 Feb 2018

February Outing

Hello again! We hope everyone had a nice and relaxing weekend! In an effort to start this work week off right we’d like to show you some photos from our most recent company outing! The team met up at Lafayette’s Music Room here in Memphis. We ate some amazing food, had some cocktails, and caught an incredible live performance of Jocelyn and Chris Arndt. Combined with the mild weather, it turned out to be another fantastic company outing with Crisp Marketing!

By the way – one of us got to meet Jocelyn and Chris and get a photo! They’re so very sweet and unbelievably talented!

Looking forward to the next outing!