Category: Life At Crisp

31 Oct 2018
Happy Halloween

Halloween Elevator Series

Halloween is serious business at Crisp Marketing. We had several days of activities planned out with different themes.

Are you good or evil? Hannah and Carisa chose the dark side.

Happy Toesday! We wore crazy, fun socks for this day of festivities.

Monster Monday was a hit!

17 Oct 2018
Life in the Office

Halloween: Party Planning

We’re serious about Halloween at Crisp Marketing. This year we’re celebrating with 8 Days of Halloween.

Carisa and Hannah have been planning each day carefully, so stay tuned for more!

18 Sep 2018
Life in the Office

Life in the Crisp Office: September

Crisp Marketing is a firm believer of having fun in the workplace. We have office parties, weekly happy hour, company outings, and in-office competitions regularly.

Studies have shown that fun at work creates happier employees. Sixty percent of the 2015 graduates reported that they would rather work for a company with a positive social atmosphere, even it meant making less money.

Workplace fun has been linked to:

  • Higher motivation
  • Less stress
  • Increased productivity
  • Higher job satisfaction

What kind of fun activities take place in your office?