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07 Dec 2018
How to Grinch Cocktail

How To: Grinch Cocktail

Happy Friday! We’re celebrating the weekend a little early with a holiday themed happy hour. This month our cocktails will be based on some of our favorite holiday movies. Today is based on the Grinch. Give it a try and tell us what you think.

05 Oct 2018
Happy Hour

Happy Hour: October

For the month of October, we’re having Halloween themed happy hour celebrations. Everyone is encouraged to dress up and all of our drinks will be special Halloween drinks.

Our drink for today, Friday October 5, is called Witches Brew. Here’s our recipe:


Witches Brew

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes
Servings: 4

1 fresh lime
3 drops purple food coloring
1 tbsp sugar (we used black sanding sugar from the baking aisle)
1/2C vodka
1/3C lime juice
1/4C raspberry liqueur
7UP or Sprite

Start by preping 4 lowball glasses:
Cut the lime in half and squeeze the juice together into a saucer.
Add the purple food coloring and mix with a cocktail stick.
Place the sugar in a second saucer.
Dip your glass rim into the lim juice and then into the sugar.
Set each glass aside.
Pour the vodka, lime juice, and raspberry liqueur into a cocktail shaker and add ice.
Shake well.
Strain into your prepared glasses and top with the 7UP or Sprite.



07 Sep 2018

August Happy Hour Recap

Our Friday afternoon tradition is a themed Happy Hour! Every Friday at 4:00, we get together in our lobby to enjoy some refreshing drinks with all of our co-workers.

Here we have our owner, Chris (first photo), and our Junior Designer, Hayley (second photo) trying out a Beergaritas in honor of Beer day on August 3.


On Friday, August 7, we had the 7 & 7 from Saturday Night Fever. Have you seen it?


For our Friday, August 24 Happy Hour celebration, we had a cocktail called Aqua Velour.