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14 Jan 2019

Happy Clean Off Your Desk Day!

Today is National Clean Off Your Desk Day! To help celebrate this day, we’ve put together a short list of tricks that will help you keep your workspace clean and tidy.

  1. Limited Real Estate: most workspace desks are small and limited on surface space. Whatever you decide to keep out on your desk, ask yourself if it’s truly worth the prime real estate it’s taking up. If the answer is no – designate a drawer in your file cabinet to keep the items in instead.
  2. Weed Out Your Office Supplies: Only keep what you use most immediately on hand. Anything else that you don’t use on a daily or even weekly basis can be stored away for a later use.
  3. Put Your Monitors Up: Keeping your monitors on a small desk shelf or riser will not only help keep your neck and upper back from straining, but this will also give you some much-needed storage space.
  4. Ditch The Paper: We’re living in a digital age, which means we don’t really need to print out that email for our team meeting. Try to keep as many documents as possible in digital form. This will not only free up some space on your desk, but you’ll also be helping the planet out – bonus!
  5. Create A Routine: Start setting aside a few minutes at the start/end of your workday that’s devoted to clearing some of the clutter that’s accumulated. Maintaining a tidy desk is ultimating easier than trying to clean everything all at once.


We hope these few tricks were able to help you out! What are some things you do to help keep your workspace clean and organized? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

09 Jan 2019
Happy Word Nerd Day!

Happy Nerd Word Day!

Do you consider yourself a word nerd? A word nerd is similar to a logophile, or someone that loves words.

Word nerds love to read, have a dictionary, and even use a thesaurus. They probably enjoy etymology, which is the study of words and how their meanings have changed throughout history. Word Nerds are likely to play and enjoy word games. They often have a word of the day or word of the year. Word nerds are always correcting grammar or punctuation, whether it is a natural inclination of theirs, people come to them for writing help, or it is part of their job. Editors may be seen as professional word nerds. Anyone who works in a job involving communications, marketing, web production and the like work in word nerd fields as well.

National Word Nerd Day is observed annually on January 9th.



03 Jan 2019

January 2nd was Science Fiction day! To celebrate this fun holiday, we’ve put together a short quiz so you can find out which famous Sci-Fi character you are. Post your results in the comments!


What is most important to you?

What color appeals to you most?

How would your friends describe you?

Pick your spirit animal

Space or a Planet?

Do you prefer to work alone, or as part of a team?

18 Dec 2018
Christmas Hat

Happy Holidays and Christmas Hats for All!

We had our office “Crispmas” party today and everyone wore their favorite Christmas hat!

Our Santa ideal is still based mostly off of Victorian ideals of Santa, the actual story of Santa being as old as the Bishop himself. Since Santa is supposed to be a grandfather like figure, he’s wearing clothing associated with grandfathers of the Victorian era. The traditional Santa hat is based of a men’s nightcap.

17 Dec 2018

Favorite Holiday Treats

Happy Holidays!

We have been building up for the holidays at Crisp Marketing. Today we brought in our favorite holiday treat. Some of us brought in a treat that our families have enjoyed for years, while others just brought in their favorite sweet treat for the time being. Then some of us that enjoy baking brought in our very own baked treats for everyone to sample. Since food is such an important part of the holiday season, we thought this would be the perfect build up to our office Christmas party.

What would you have brought to the table?

14 Dec 2018

Happy Christmas Jumper Day

Christmas Jumper Day was created in 2012 in the UK by children’s rights charity Save the Children. The aim of the event is to raise money by having people who are wearing festive knitwear on the day donate a minimum of £2 towards the organization. Ever since it started, the entire nation has thrown themselves into the festivities.

We celebrated today by wearing our “Christmas Jumpers” in the office. We even had a contest of girls vs. guys. Congratulations to Billy and Carisa on their wins!

07 Dec 2018
How to Grinch Cocktail

How To: Grinch Cocktail

Happy Friday! We’re celebrating the weekend a little early with a holiday themed happy hour. This month our cocktails will be based on some of our favorite holiday movies. Today is based on the Grinch. Give it a try and tell us what you think.

30 Nov 2018
Christmas Gift

Crisp Experiences: Favorite Christmas Gifts

We asked everyone in the office what their favorite Christmas gift to date was, and here’s what they had to say:


“My favorite Christmas gift was an authentic personalized home Detroit Tigers jersey. My name and usual number are stitched on the back. My wife thought I didn’t like it because I never wore it. But actually, it is just too beautiful and pristine to wear. I’ll be keeping it so nice, it will outlive me.”

-David Calhoun, Email Marketing Manager


“It was December 25, 2017 when I received the best, most epic Christmas gift of my life. The present was cleverly wrapped in a sizable box to enhance the surprise; it was successful. I saved the gift for last, and when I finally tore the pretty patterned paper to shreds and sliced through the annoying box tape, I saw it. Time seemed to slow as I took hold of the handle, and as the braided leather fell – so did my mouth. There I stood, on top of the world, with a 12 ft. whip in my hand. My excitement couldn’t be contained; I immediately ran outside in the freezing cold, swung my gift through the air, and as it broke the sound barrier with a loud crack, I knew my life would never be the same again.”

-Jake Call, Lead UX Designer


“The best Christmas gift I ever got was old school Nintendo. I had waited years for it! I also believed in Santa for many years longer than I should have.”

-Joan Biddle, Content Developer


“The best Christmas gift I’ve ever received was my first car. It ended up turning out to be a lemon…but I was so excited when I first got it that I ran outside to see it and immediately slipped in some mud. And yes, it was all caught on video.”

-Hayley Tillery, Lead UI Designer


“My favorite Christmas gift is a two-part answer. My favorite material gift was definitely when I opened my Pioneer Home Stereo System. It was the 80’s and the popular time to blow out your windows with incredible wattage. It had a stereo tuner, 101 cd disc player, dual cassette deck, and 15-inch subwoofer speakers. You get the point. I still remember the excitement from getting it all put together. Comparable to this, however, was my first Christmas with my daughter. Will never forget hearing her wake up and then carrying her into the living room as her little face lit up with happiness as she saw the tree and gifts. That experience with her is easily what I consider a greatest Christmas gift.”

-Jason Harmon, HR and Content Director


“My very favorite Christmas gift was from December 2011. My parents (along with the help of my college fund) bought me a Macbook Pro! I had been wanting one for years and my dad surprised me by taking me to the Apple Store on the false pretense that he was getting his phone fixed. I was so surprised when the Apple employee approached me asking about which Macbook I wanted. I was very annoyingly impatient waiting another week before I could actually have it on Christmas.”

-Hannah Verret, Content Developer


“My favorite Christmas was from my now fiancé. We were both with my dad in Men’s Warehouse shopping for his birthday when she showed me a pair of striped socks that I suddenly became very interested in, but because I was low on money I gave up on the idea of getting them. Fast-forward two days later, she gives me a neatly wrapped box that not only had the striped socks in them, but an entire set that included socks, ties, a handkerchief and a wallet. It meant a lot to me because of the thoughtfulness of the gift and the person who gave the gift.”

-Lawrence Shaw, Multimedia Specialist


“My favorite Christmas gift was my first drum set. It was a complete surprise. My parents had set it up in the living room, and once it was set up, it was too large to wrap. So once I entered the living room, I was immediately blown away. It was great!”

-Billy Wilson, Media Buyer


“My favorite Christmas gift was receiving a PS2 after begging for one for 2yrs and having to watch my cousins get all of the new PS2 games and I couldn’t even ask to borrow them LOL! Was a glorious day for my gaming life. I had to save up my own money to get my first PS.”

-Devan Dillard, Digital Media Strategist


“The best gift I ever received was a car. I felt completely privileged and humbled by such a big gift. I named it Frankie and we spent 14 years together. The gift meant so much to me because it meant my parents trusted me.”

-Kayla Pearce, Content Developer


“When I was a kid, there was this huge poster-sized photo hanging up in our house. It was of my father wearing his cowboy hat, making one of his notorious faces. I loved it because it embodied so much of who he was. My father was a terrific guy, and I looked up to him. He passed away in 2002, and the photo disappeared. I asked everyone in our family if they knew where it was so I could have it, but no one could find it. I was heartbroken over it. Years went by, and I had lost hope of ever seeing it again. Last Christmas, my family and I were celebrating the holiday at my aunt’s farmhouse in rural Iowa when my cousin Tim walked over and handed me a large present. Everyone gathered around us as I tore off the shiny foil wrapping paper, and saw my dad’s picture staring back at me. The same cowboy hat and goofy smile that I remembered from my childhood. I finally had my dad’s photo. Tim was cleaning out his attic and found it buried behind some boxes. I was so happy I nearly started sobbing right there on the sofa in front of everyone. Best Christmas present ever.”

-Carisa Wenstrom, Lead Multimedia Specialist and Director of People and Culture


“Everyday of the year, I struggle to behave well, so Santa will bring me my best present ever… and it it just being able to see my kids excitedly open their presents, bouncing around, randomly emitting high-pitched noises, and leaving behind a heaping mess every year on Christmas morning.”

-Aleksandra Kirievskaya, Junior Web Developer