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19 Oct 2018

October 2018 Outing

Our office outing this month was trip to the Crosstown Concourse. We visited the month long pop-up shop, Monster Market. After our fill of shopping, we had drinks and food at Nextdoor Eatery.

Take a look in our video.

28 Aug 2018

July Company Outing

The end of July is upon us, and the Crisp Team enjoyed another fantastic company outing! This time we all met up at the Rec Room here in Memphis where we played some arcade games, challenged each other in some video games, and enjoyed some pepperoni pizza and drinks! The summer days are still hot in Memphis, but this was one cool night out with Crisp Marketing!

02 Jul 2018

June Outing

Last week the Crisp Crew took our June Outing at The Liquor Store here in Memphis! This quirky and charming little restaurant is nestled in with small art galleries and shops in the creative area of Memphis known as Broad Ave. We wined and dined the night away, and then a few of us took a walk down Broad to snap some photos and enjoy the sunset! We’re already looking forward to the next outing!

24 Apr 2018

April Company Outing

Once upon a rainy evening, the Crisp team ventured out to a local pottery shop and painted bowls together in an effort to bond and let their hair down! We all met at Seize the Clay here in Memphis, and we each painted a bowl as part of the Empty Bowl Project. The bowls will be donated to local soup kitchens in an effort to fight hunger! Here’s a few photos from a terrific evening filled with laughter, paint, and awesome coworkers!


26 Feb 2018

February Outing

Hello again! We hope everyone had a nice and relaxing weekend! In an effort to start this work week off right we’d like to show you some photos from our most recent company outing! The team met up at Lafayette’s Music Room here in Memphis. We ate some amazing food, had some cocktails, and caught an incredible live performance of Jocelyn and Chris Arndt. Combined with the mild weather, it turned out to be another fantastic company outing with Crisp Marketing!

By the way – one of us got to meet Jocelyn and Chris and get a photo! They’re so very sweet and unbelievably talented!

Looking forward to the next outing!

02 Aug 2017

July Company Outing

Another Crisp Marketing company outing has come and gone! This time we all ventured out to Loflin Yard here in Memphis.


It was a hot and humid summer night down here in the South, but the setting sun brought a nice warm breeze, and the drinks inside were cold and refreshing. The house-created cocktails at Loflin Yard boasts an earthy freshness thanks to their creative use of local fruits and veggies. If you find yourself at the Loflin Yard before summer’s end, try ‘My cousin has a pool in Mississippi’, you won’t be disappointed.


Inside the front section of the Loflin Yard you’ll find a warm and friendly atmosphere, with oversized booths perfect for bigger groups. The food menu is a little limited, but the quality and taste of everything went way beyond expectations, which goes to show you that less can definitely mean more. The outside area is cleverly built around the Loflin Falls, giving visitors a homey and beautiful oasis in the middle of busy downtown Memphis.





Spotted along the rustic brick wall are food windows framed out of the original design of the building.


Behind the first building is a large open space filled with comfortable patio chairs, fire pits, misters overhead to help cool you off in the summer heat, and enough vintage string lights to illuminate a village. Our team quickly scouted out our spot, and relaxed under the Memphis evening sky.



In the back of the Loflin Yard is another barn like building with a full bar, a stage, and table and chairs for more socializing. Just outside the back of that building, is yet another open space with lush green grass, more seating, and some outdoor games like bags.




The Crisp team spent the rest of the night enjoying each other’s company around the still fire pit as we talked about music, films, and childhood memories. Not only was it the perfect end-of-summer night, but the peaceful and gorgeous setting of the Loflin Yard was a special treat all it’s own. This company outing was a complete success!





26 Jun 2017

June Company Outing

Last week it rained cats and dogs, but that didn’t stop us from having fun at our company outing! This month’s adventure was at Railgarten here in Memphis.




After dinner, we all headed over to the other building where the bar and ping pong tables are housed and challenged each other to a few games!




We even got the chance to catch-up with some of our friends from the Florida and Nonconnah office locations!




Another great company outing for the books! Many thanks to Crisp Marketing and Railgarten for the fun night out!


16 Jun 2017

May Company Outing

Well… here we are again, and once more, it’s time for the Crisp Marketing team to hit the city for a little fun.  If you’ve been following us at all, you know that we are all about Eat – Play – Repeat!  Our choice this month was Main Event Entertainment, and it was absolutely the correct choice.  This place is the Chuck E Cheese on steroids for adults.  We highly recommend, if you’ve not already blessed your inner-child with a visit to this place!


As you can see here, Jake and Jason are enjoying the small pizza feast before hitting the electronic playground.


Let me just say, unlike most entertainment places that serve pizza, this place knew how to make a great pizza.  It wasn’t just all about games here.


As far as games go, they had about every possible game you’d want to play, but Ski Ball is the department fave.  I think everyone would agree that the Ski Ball section took about 70% of our money that night.


Here is one of our straight-shooters, Hannah, taking her week’s stress out on the Ghostbusters Water Gun Game.  Just look at that focus!  Ha.


As far as bowling goes, Main Event’s Bowling Lanes are second to none.  We had such a good time, and the process, from picking your ball to just cutting loose on the pins, was fantastic.  Another great departmental outing in the books, and another super fun night.  Work hard – play hard… the Crisp Marketing way.



[ Content by our Marketing Coordinator: Jason Harmon]
[ Photography by our Designer: Andrew Gray]

01 Mar 2017

February Company Outing

The end of February brought warmer weather, budding trees, and our monthly company outing! This time we started with a small walk around Overton Square here in Memphis.




The weather was absolutely perfect, complete with a killer sunset.


Then we headed to Babalu for some cocktails and dinner. They have a fantastic margarita selection, the tacos are mouth-watering, and the table-side-served guacamole is life-changing. Normally they have I Love Lucy reruns playing through a projector onto the open wall, but on that night they were playing 3 Stooges instead. Personally, I prefer I Love Lucy, but it was still fun nonetheless!



After dinner we headed next door the Sweet Noshings – a little candy shop that sells gourmet popcorn, homemade ice cream, chocolates, candies, fudge, and coffee. The smell alone is worth the trip, trust me.




And thus concluded our February Company Outing! ‘Thank You’ shoutout to Babalu and Sweet Noshings for the amazing food, drinks, and goodies, and a big shoutout to our boss man for giving us the opportunity to have some fun and try new things!


Jake says, “I’m Overton the moon about our company outings!”