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Tips for Holiday Email Marketing

Holiday email marketing is a big driver of the seasonal sales. Email marketing is responsible for 20 percent of holiday sales. That means email marketing alone brings in billions of dollars every year.


Timing is everything and marketing during the holiday season is no exception.  Start your holiday email marketing campaigns between November 1st and 15th. That’s when most people open your holiday marketing emails; after that, open rates drop.

It’s not just your email campaigns that you should plan in advance. If you want to have somebody to market to, you’ll need to grow your email list ahead of time.

Build your email list when you start your business, even before you launch it formally. You should be building your list all through the year from you are up and running.

Holiday Campaigns

It is not uncommon for companies to change their website themes during the holiday season. Change your colors and style based on the holiday. Do the same with holiday email marketing campaigns. It is important to change up the style of your emails periodically so the audience doesn’t get bored.

Switch things up with some holiday email templates to get more attention for the marketing campaigns.

Add Urgency

Urgency is a great way to boost sales in the holiday email marketing campaign. A limited time holiday offer will encourage visitors to take action now. Use a strategy that makes the audience take action now in order to get the deal. In doing that, it will also add the customer to the emailing list for future sales.

If you use this strategy, you can also segment your audience by the package they buy so you can send appropriate offers their way moving forward.

Hannah Verret
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