Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising: What You Should Know

What is digital advertising? It’s such a general term that some people don’t know exactly what it is or how to utilize it properly.

Digital Advertising

The term digital advertising covers a lot, but if it’s an ad you’re seeing on the internet, then it is digital advertising.

Digital advertising is the primary revenue driver for most internet companies. It can range from banner ads, email marketing, and even Search Engine Optimization (SEO). These ads are spread along all platforms, especially now that so many people use their phones as their main device.

Cost Break Down

While there are many advertising models out there, most costs fall under these three categories:

  • CPA (Cost Per Action)
  • PPC (Cost Per Click)
  • CPT (Cost Per Thousand)

A CPA plan is where the advertiser only pays the publisher for the times that someone clicks and completes a transaction, while PPC is when the advertiser pays the publisher for just a click. The CPT, which is sometimes known as CPM (Cost Per Mille), is when the advertiser pays for the exposure of having an ad on the site.

Mobile-First Advertising

The “mobile-first” advertising is the idea that the company not only cares about their website and other digital forms, but they also care about the user’s overall experience. A mobile-first advertising plan today should be mostly focused on a mobile experience.

All digital advertising should be adaptable to both mobile devices and desktop experiences. It’s estimated that over two-thirds of people use their mobile devices for their everyday use. More people are relying solely on mobile devices and ditching desktops entirely for their online activities.

Marketing today without digital advertising is almost unheard of. Like in many other areas of life, you get what you pay for with advertising. Give your customers a pleasant, mobile experience and utilize your advertising to its fullest.

Hannah Verret
Hannah Verret is a Content Developer at Crisp Marketing in Memphis, TN. Hannah has been working in content creation throughout her entire adult career. When Hannah isn't writing or organizing social media posts, she's spending her time reading and loving on her many pets.

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