May Company Outing

Well… here we are again, and once more, it’s time for the Crisp Marketing team to hit the city for a little fun.  If you’ve been following us at all, you know that we are all about Eat – Play – Repeat!  Our choice this month was Main Event Entertainment, and it was absolutely the correct choice.  This place is the Chuck E Cheese on steroids for adults.  We highly recommend, if you’ve not already blessed your inner-child with a visit to this place!


As you can see here, Jake and Jason are enjoying the small pizza feast before hitting the electronic playground.


Let me just say, unlike most entertainment places that serve pizza, this place knew how to make a great pizza.  It wasn’t just all about games here.


As far as games go, they had about every possible game you’d want to play, but Ski Ball is the department fave.  I think everyone would agree that the Ski Ball section took about 70% of our money that night.


Here is one of our straight-shooters, Hannah, taking her week’s stress out on the Ghostbusters Water Gun Game.  Just look at that focus!  Ha.


As far as bowling goes, Main Event’s Bowling Lanes are second to none.  We had such a good time, and the process, from picking your ball to just cutting loose on the pins, was fantastic.  Another great departmental outing in the books, and another super fun night.  Work hard – play hard… the Crisp Marketing way.



[ Content by our Marketing Coordinator: Jason Harmon]
[ Photography by our Designer: Andrew Gray]

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